The 5th Indonesia Building Material & Technology Expo 2011

30 Maret – 3 April 2011

Grand City, Surabaya

Pk. 10.00 – 21.00 WIB

PT Debindomulti Adhiswasti

About Indobuildtech Expo

Indonesia Building Technology (Indobuildtech) Expo is an annual event focusing on the development of building material and technologies. It is the biggest and the most influential international building material exhibition taking place every year in Indonesia, covering a total exhibition space of 13.000 sqm.

The event was participated by more than 300 building materials enterprises from local and international brands operating in Indonesia (excluding 58 foreign exhibitors) and visited by 35.000 buyers and potential buyers. The objectives of Indobuildtech is to bring forward the recent developments in the fields of construction activities.

Background In recent years, building material and technology in Asia especially in Indonesia have gained rapid development. Many projects are among the leading list at the International level. At the same time, new building material, technology and techniques are emerging to adjust the development of construction industry. These conditions will bring new business opportunities and challenges to the industry on global basis.

It is our goal be the perfect communication media for the building material, architectural design, building technology and related industry as well as the manufactures, suppliers and distributors to reach its market in Indonesia and Asia.

High level agenda will also be held during the show at Jakarta, promoting the trends of building technology and industry development. Product Presentation is expected to be a great attraction to large numbers of audience from Indonesia and abroad.


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